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Adobe Photoshop Versions

Adobe Photoshop

Below is the detailed list over time:

Version number


Release date

Notes and significant changes

CC 2018 White Lion October 18, 2017
  1. New Stroke smoothing features
  2. New Curvature Pen tool
  3. Support for Spherical panoramas editing
  4. Streamlined brush management
  5. Access your Lightroom photos in Photoshop
  6. Supporting variable fonts
  7. Email or share your creations to several services directly from within Photoshop
  8. Tooltips have been enriched
  9. Support for Microsoft Surface Dial
  10. Upscale photos with AI
  11. Option for automatically symmetrical paint
  12. Color Range Mask for Camera Raw
CC 2017 Big Rig November 2, 2016
  1. In-app search
  2. Tighter integration with Adobe XD
  3. Stock templates, 3D objects, and search
  4. Support for SVG color fonts
  5. Introducing Typekit Marketplace
  6. Better overall performance
CC 2015 Dedicated to Thomas and John Knoll June 15, 2015
  1. Artboards
  2. Adobe Stock marketplace
  3. Design Space (Preview) offers a designated mode for websites and mobile apps designers
  4. Camera Raw as a filter
  5. Some Layer styles can now be added up to 10 instances
  6. Redesign image export feature
  7. Adobe Camera Raw 9.1
  8. Linked files in CC Libraries
  9. Realtime healing previews
CC 2014 Single Malt Wiskey Cat June 2014
  1. Blur Gallery motion effects
  2. Focus Mask
  3. Expanded Mercury Graphics Engine support
  4. Smart Object improvements
  5. Adobe Camera Raw 8 enhancements
CS6 Superstition May 7, 2012
  1. UI redesign (all new icons and optional dark UI)
  2. Auto and background saves
  3. Content-aware Patch and Move tools (extensions of content-aware fill introduced in previous version)
  4. Blur Gallery includes Tilt Shift, Iris and Field that can be used to create depth of field effects
  5. Color Range: skin tone and face detection
  6. Adobe Camera RAW 7
  7. Enhanced crop tool with straighten option
  8. New properties panel that can be used to vary properties of adjustment layers
  9. Enhanced video support
  10. Oil Paint filter now ships with the program
  11. Adaptive Wide Angle filter
  12. Paragraph and Character Styles
  13. Built in support for Middle Eastern languages
  14. Updated Printing UI
  15. 3DLUT adjustment
  16. Overhauled vector tools including stroking of vector paths, dotted or dashed
  17. Snap to Pixel for vector tools and transforms
  18. 3D UI completely redone, now easier to use
CS5 White Rabbit April 30, 2010
  1. Content Aware Fill
  2. Puppet Warp Tool
  3. 64 bit for Mac OS X
  4. Bristle Tips
  5. Mixer Brush
  6. Automatic Lens Correction
  7. Easier HDR toning for beginners
  8. Improved selection and masking controls
  9. Camera RAW grain control
  10. New Blend modes: Subtract and Divide
  11. GPU HUD controls for brush resize, color picker, color sampling
  12. Improved Ray Tracing quality and speed (Extended)
  13. Repousse 3D extrusion tool (Extended)
  14. Image based lights (Extended)
CS4 Stonehenge October 15, 2008
  1. Smoother panning and zooming and fluid canvas rotation
  2. OpenGL display acceleration in Photoshop
  3. Native support for 64-bit on Windows Vista x64
  4. Adjustments panel
  5. Masks panel
  6. Improved Adobe Photoshop Lightroom workflow
  7. Content-aware scaling
  8. Extended depth of field
  9. Auto-blending of images
  10. Auto-alignment of layers
  11. New file display options (tabbed document display and n-up views)
  12. New file management and workspaces with Adobe Bridge CS4
CS3 Red Pill April 16, 2007
  1. Native support for the Intel-based Macintosh platform and improved support for Windows Vista
  2. Revised user interface
  3. Feature additions to Adobe Camera RAW
  4. Quick Select tool
  5. Alterations to Curves, Vanishing Point, Channel Mixer, Brightness and Contrast, and the Print dialog
  6. Black-and-white conversion adjustment
  7. Auto Align and Auto Blend
  8. Smart (non-destructive) Filters
  9. Mobile device graphic optimization
  10. Improvements to cloning and healing
  11. More complete 32 bit / HDR support (layers, painting, more filters and adjustments)
  12. Faster launching
  13. ImageReady removed
CS2 Space Monkey April 4, 2005
  1. Camera RAW 3.x
  2. Smart Objects
  3. Image Warp
  4. Spot healing brush
  5. Red-Eye tool
  6. Lens Correction filter
  7. Smart Sharpen
  8. Vanishing Point
  9. Better memory management on 64-bit PowerPC G5 Macintosh machines running Mac OS X 10.4
  10. High dynamic range imaging (HDRI) support (32 bit per channel floating point)
  11. More smudging options, such as "Scattering"
  12. Modified layer selection, such as ability to select more than one layer